Make Sure Youโ€™re Ready for a Challenge

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Re-read this chapter if you can. Spending a few more minutes now will save you heaps of time later when you look back with troubling doubts. Many of the students who leave their home country to pursue education abroad do not return, at least for a period of 5โ€“10 years. Thatโ€™s more than enough time for a lot of significant changes to take place in your life. If you were planning to leave your home country and study abroad primarily because you wanted to earn more, obtain a better social status, or dislike your current job (and situation), we ask you to think again.

There are struggles associated with the transition that cannot be anticipated until you get here (or wherever you go). You will be put in situations that ask you to act against your natural instincts. A lot of the social concepts you learned previously might seem irrelevant. The solution is not to abandon them all and adopt new ones. In fact, there is no right answer. It varies from one situation to another. But suffice to say, itโ€™s not all rosy.

As long as you are aware of that, and are ready to face new challenges and opportunities, we are rooting for you. Take a page from the story of the old man Wilk Peters to appreciate the opportunities you have around you. Itโ€™s a wonderful time to be alive. If you have a curious mind and discipline to support that, thereโ€™s nothing stopping you from getting what you want!

A Little Reflection on Studying Abroad

Every chapter will have a few questions at the end for you to reflect upon. Donโ€™t skip over them.

โ€‹thinkโ€‹Why do you want to study abroad?

What is lacking in your life right now that you believe higher education will have a solution to?

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