Better Venture
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Better Venture

Improving Diversity, Innovation, and Profitability in Venture Capital and Startups

Erika BrodnockJohannes Lenhard

A first-of-its-kind guide to diversity and inclusion in venture capital—who funds, who gets funded, why that needs to change, and how to make it happen. With data, history, and plenty of interviews with investors and founders, this book will demonstrate the needs—both moral and monetary—for a more diverse and equitable funding system.
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Rachel JepsenEditor
Erika Brodnock (London School of Economics)
Johannes Lenhard (Max Planck Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change, University of Cambridge)
June Angelides (Samos Investments)
Maren Bannon (January Ventures)
Kristina Barger
Sophia Bendz (Cherry Ventures)
Kat Borlongan (La French Tech)
Suranga Chandratillake (Balderton)
Ian Connatty (British Patient Capital)
Mckeever (Mac) Conwell (Rarebreed)
Nicola Corzine (Nasdaq Centre)
Matthew de Jesus (Talis Capital)
Claire Díaz-Ortiz (Magma/Brava)
Chuck Eesley (Stanford)
Marie Ekland (2050)
Leslie Feinzaig (Female Founders Alliance)
Anne Glover (Amadeus)
Paula Groves (Impact X)
Theresia Guow (Acrew)
Jeff Harbach (Kauffmann Fellows)
Øyvind Henriksen (Poq)
Maya Horgan Famodu (Ingressive Capital)
William Hsu (Mucker Capital)
Alice Hu Wagner (British Business Bank)
Laura Huang (Harvard Business School)
Charles Hudson (Precursor)
Nandini Jammi (Check My Ads/Sleeping Giants)
Allan Jones (Bambee)
Freada Kapor (Kapor Capital)
Mitch Kapor (Kapor Capital)
Bindi Karia (SVB/Microsoft)
Eddie Kim (Gusto)
Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran (Digital Brain)
Pam Kostka (AllRaise)
Emma Lawton (More Human)
Amy Lewin (Sifted)
Kevin Liu (Techstars)
Grace Lordan (The Inclusion Initiative)
John Lynn (Cela)
Gurpreet Manku (BVCA)
Manan Mehta (Unshackled VC)
Thea Messel (Unconventional VC)
Gesa Miczaika (AUXXO/German startup Verband)
Ann MiuraKo (Floodgate)
Hadiyah Mujhid (HBCU.VC)
Janneke Niessen (Capital T)
Eva de Mol (Capital T)
Diana Noble
Steve O’Hear (ex-Techcrunch, now Zapp)
Eghosa Omoigui (Echo Ventures)
Sonja Perkins (Broadway Angels/Project Glimmer)
Nancy Pfund (DBL Partners)
Kate Pljaskovova (Fair HQ)
Daryah Shaked (WeAct LP)
Lisa Shu (Newton Programme)
Camilla Sievers (Female Founders Global)
Monica Spencer (Mellon Foundation)
Gary Stewart (The Nest)
Savitri Tan (Isomer Capital)
Lolita Taub (Community Fund)
Gené Teare (Crunchbase)
Lorenzo Thione (Gaingles)
Katja Toropainen (Inklusiiv)
Roxanne Varza (Station F)
Monique Villa (Mucker Capital)
Check Warner (Ada Ventures/Diversity.VC)
Tom Wehmeier (Atomico)
Elizabeth Yin (Hustle Fund)
Ed Zimmermann (Lowenstein/First Close Partners)
Rachel JepsenEditor

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