A holloway is an old English term for a sunken lane arising from centuries of use.

You can’t believe everything you search.

You shouldn’t need a corporate lawyer or a successful entrepreneur in the family to get business advice you trust. You shouldn’t have to dig through credit card offers when you’re researching how to manage your finances. You shouldn’t constantly be wondering if the advice you’re reading online has your best interests at heart.

From buying your first house to growing your career or learning a new technology, the important challenges in our life and work are often unlocked not by facts and figures—but by kind people who deeply understand those challenges and help you see the right path.

At Holloway, we are a small team with many years of experience in writing and technology, dedicated to helping experts on selected subjects to publish the most in-depth, practical guides anywhere online. These guides grow, are open to improvement from qualified contributors, and are kept up to date as the world changes.

If you’re interested writing or contributing, please say hello@holloway.com. If you’re an engineer with strong ML, NLP, search, backend, or full stack skills, we’re hiring. You can also read a bit more about how we got started. Let’s work together to make the web a little more helpful.

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