Frequently Asked Questions


  • What exactly am I buying?

    Each Holloway Guide is sold separately as a one-time purchase. For a limited time, early readers of the Guide to Raising Venture Capital can purchase lifetime access to the Guide on the Holloway Reader, plus a PDF to download.

  • Can I get a Guide as a Kindle or physical book?

    Our Guides are most helpful when read on the Holloway Reader, where you can call up definitions from our glossary, navigate using our advanced search, and more. That said, we know some people love the option of reading in other formats; when you pay for a Holloway Guide, you get a PDF that you can download, print, and keep.

    If we get enough demand for a Guide to be available in print, we’ll consider printing a limited run.

  • How do I access my Guide?

    To access a Guide on the Holloway Reader, you need a Holloway account, which you can create by connecting through Google or Twitter.

  • What is the Holloway Reader?

    The Reader is how you read and engage with a Guide and access all of its content, features, and resources. It’s a browser-based application, which means you don’t have to download or install anything on your computer. The Reader is designed to help you find and navigate the material you need. It has a powerful search feature that gives you section-by-section results, as well as results from the hundreds of resources we’ve linked to throughout a Guide. Navigating a Guide on the Reader is easy with a table of contents and internal links that take you to the content you need now. Definitions of complex terms and concepts are revealed by simply hovering your cursor over what you don’t understand. You can also use bookmarks to keep track of your favorite parts of a Guide, and make suggestions or ask questions in the margins. The Reader automatically updates a Guide when changes to the content are made, like responses to reader questions, new data, or material reflecting changes to the topic. We’ll let you know when updates have been made; you never have to download anything.

  • Are there any discounts?

    Before a Guide is released, it may be available for pre-order at a discount. If you pre-order at a discounted price, you will get lifetime access to that Guide the day it is released to the public.

    We also offer student discounts to individuals with a valid .edu email address, and bulk discounts to large groups. If either of these sound like you, contact us at hello@holloway.com.

  • I have more questions!

    We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at hello@holloway.com.