How to Get Holloway Titles in Print

We know readers appreciate the convenience of the great web-based Holloway reading experience, right in their browser. But we know how nice it is to unplug and read offline sometimes, too.

This page provides details on three different ways to get your hands on Holloway books in print.

Already a Customer? Claim Your Paperback Upgrades!

Already purchased a Holloway web title? Select Holloway books and guides now include a paperback upgrade option for current customers.

Just go to your Holloway bookshelf and open the book in the Holloway reader. If the print edition is available you’ll see a link to add it at a very special price in the left navigation:

Note that shipping is currently only available in North America, the UK, and Canada (we're working to add more fulfillment partners).

Web + Print Combos

For the first time, we are also now offering print plus digital combo packages! That means that in addition to all the usual extras you get when you buy from Holloway -- like access to future updates, digital extras, and multiple DRM-free download formats -β€” with the print + digital combo, you'll also get a paperback edition shipped straight to your door for free.

We’re still updating our checkout and shipping process, so right now this special offer is only available through the πŸ›’ checkout links below for the following titles:

Your Favorite Online Bookstore

Select Holloway titles are available in print through most major online bookstores, including Amazon,, and

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