A new way to publish your work and delight your readers.

Do you have unique and valuable knowledge to share? Perhaps youโ€™ve already written a book. Or perhaps youโ€™re considering it.

Traditionally, this means getting connected with a large publisher who handles the slow and complex process of editing, preparing, marketing, and distributing print and ebook formats.

Many enterprising authors now realize they can instead self-publish in a more modern wayโ€”put content up on a website or blog, or self-publish with Amazon or direct sale via platforms like Gumroad. But even today, this requires a lot of technical expertise and tools, as well as sourcing and managing editorial, production, and digital marketing help. Many self-published works donโ€™t reach their full potential in depth or quality and are often not discovered by readers at all.

We think there should be another path that works better both for expert authors and for readers.

The Holloway platform and Holloway Reader make it a pleasure to discover and read a book online. When readers Google for answers, they should be able to find your book among the results. By publishing a book directly to the web, each section or chapter has its own URL for people to find, read, and shareโ€”and the whole book is available as an instant digital purchase, right from any preview page.

Importantly, unlike when selling on Amazon, as an author, you can connect directly with readers through comments, feedback, questions, and moreโ€”and use that to update and revise your book.

We also support high-quality print (linked to digital access) for readers who appreciate the feel of a quality print book.

Holloway is seeking new authors to expand the catalog. While we are planning to support many authors over time, we are selective in the works we publish, so readers know the quality and depth of each work is unsurpassed.

If you have a book, manuscript, or book idea related to business, engineering, technology, creativity, or personal growthโ€”or anything of deep quality that can help people deal with complex challenges in life and workโ€”weโ€™d love to talk!