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Stop Asking Questions
by Andrew Warner
The comprehensive guide to hosting better interviews for podcasters, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and more. Lessons from a veteran podcast host with 2,000+ episodes.
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Equity Compensation
by Joshua LevyJoe Wallin
Stock options, RSUs, job offers, and taxes—a detailed reference, including hundreds of resources, explained from the ground up, for both employees and managers.
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Raising Venture Capital
by Andy Sparks
A current and comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs, with technical detail, practical knowledge, real-world scenarios, and pitfalls to avoid.
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Remote Work
by Katie WildeJuan Pablo Buriticá
A comprehensive guide to building, managing, and working with distributed teams.
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Technical Recruiting and Hiring
by Osman (Ozzie) Osman
A practical, expert-reviewed guide to growing software engineering teams effectively, written by and for hiring managers, recruiters, interviewers, and candidates.
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Using Twitter
by Fadeke Adegbuyi
This Guide will help professionals in all fields use Twitter to find collaborators, generate ideas, build a brand, and more.
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by Soundarya Balasubramani
Admitted is a proven, comprehensive guide for students in any country looking to enter graduate or undergraduate programs in the U.S., Canada, or Europe. Used by thousands of students worldwide, it offers a unique combination of practical advice, mental frameworks to make better decisions, personal anecdotes, a philosophical touch, and illustrations to support and encourage you along the way.
Angel Investing
by Joe WallinPete Baltaxe
A practical and detailed guide to angel investing that is essential for beginners and seasoned investors, as well as founders raising an angel round. Covers fundamentals, finding deals, financings, term sheets, example documents, and common pitfalls.
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Art for Money
by Michael Ardelean
Essential principles for every creative freelancer on how to win clients, stay true to your art, and grow a business you love.
Ask Me This Instead
by Kendra Haberkorn
Why should only hiring managers and recruiters decide your job destiny? Be empowered at every step of the hiring process, understand your own skills and priorities, and find the company that can give you what you want. No matter where you are in your career journey, it’s time you were in control.
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Better Venture
by Erika BrodnockJohannes Lenhard
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A first-of-its-kind guide to diversity and inclusion in venture capital—who funds, who gets funded, why that needs to change, and how to make it happen. With data, history, and plenty of interviews with investors and founders, this book will demonstrate the needs—both moral and monetary—for a more diverse and equitable funding system.
Founding Sales
by Pete Kazanjy
A detailed and tactical guide to accelerate learning and success on the early-stage sales journey, from founder to early salesperson to sales leadership. Written by a sales expert for startup founders and first-time sales staff.
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Global Natives
by Lauren Razavi
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A comprehensive guide to digital nomads and the Work From Anywhere movement. This book helps investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders navigate the future of work, revealing what’s at stake in a remote-first world where a global, mobile life is increasingly possible.
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Junior to Senior
by David Glassanos
A practical guide to soft skills for software developers, this book is your companion to help you thrive as an engineer, build your own confidence and team skills, and accelerate your career growth so you’re ready for a senior role.
Land Your Dream Design Job
by Dan Shilov
Whether you're looking for your first job or your fifteenth, you can find an opportunity that plays to your strengths, matches with your values, and provides support for professional growth.
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Making Things Think
by Giuliano Pezzolo Giacaglia
Advances in artificial intelligence (A.I.) have become more frequent and more impactful, from making self-driving cars possible, to helping doctors to detect cancer, and advancing the discovery of new drugs. Despite the breadth and significance of these developments, the general public does not know the history and types of these A.I. systems, which makes grasping their impact challenging. This book aims at educating professionals, from lawyers and doctors to software developers, on the history and types of A.I. systems.
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by Jacob Bøtter
In this guide through the no-code revolution, you’ll learn technologies that will enable you to create your own apps, train your own algorithms, and build your own automated workflows. Get ready to become more productive and in control of the technology you use every day.
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Security for Everyone
by Laura BellErica Anderson
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You don’t need deep technical knowledge or deep pockets to secure your startup or growing business. From your personal laptop to the people, data, and systems of your company, this comprehensive resource offers low-cost, scalable security solutions to help you protect what matters most.
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