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Holloway Guide To
Equity Compensation
by Joshua LevyJoe Wallin
Stock options, RSUs, job offers, and taxes—a detailed reference, including hundreds of resources, explained from the ground up, for both employees and managers.
Holloway Guide To
Raising Venture Capital
by Andy Sparks
A current and comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs, with technical detail, practical knowledge, real-world scenarios, and pitfalls to avoid.
Holloway Guide To
Remote Work
by Katie WildeJuan Pablo Buriticá
A comprehensive guide to building, managing, and working with distributed teams.
Holloway Guide To
Technical Recruiting and Hiring
by Osman (Ozzie) Osman
A practical, expert-reviewed guide to growing software engineering teams effectively, written by and for hiring managers, recruiters, interviewers, and candidates.
Holloway Guide To
Using Twitter
by Fadeke Adegbuyi
This Guide will help professionals in all fields use Twitter to find collaborators, generate ideas, build a brand, and more.
Angel Investing
by Joe WallinPete Baltaxe
A practical and detailed guide to angel investing that is essential for beginners and seasoned investors, as well as founders raising an angel round. Covers fundamentals, finding deals, financings, term sheets, example documents, and common pitfalls.
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Art for Money
by Michael Ardelean
Essential principles for every creative freelancer on how to win clients, stay true to your art, and grow a business you love.
Now Available
Ask Me This Instead
by Kendra Haberkorn
Why should only hiring managers and recruiters decide your job destiny? Be empowered at every step of the hiring process, understand your own skills and priorities, and find the company that can give you what you want. No matter where you are in your career journey, it’s time you were in control.
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Better Venture
by Erika BrodnockJohannes Lenhard
15% off for pre-orders
A first-of-its-kind guide to diversity and inclusion in venture capital—who funds, who gets funded, why that needs to change, and how to make it happen. With data, history, and plenty of interviews with investors and founders, this book will demonstrate the needs—both moral and monetary—for a more diverse and equitable funding system.
Founding Sales
by Pete Kazanjy
A detailed and tactical guide to accelerate learning and success on the early-stage sales journey, from founder to early salesperson to sales leadership. Written by a sales expert for startup founders and first-time sales staff.
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Global Natives
by Lauren Razavi
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A comprehensive guide to digital nomads and the Work From Anywhere movement. This book helps investors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders navigate the future of work, revealing what’s at stake in a remote-first world where a global, mobile life is increasingly possible.
Coming Soon
Junior to Senior
by David Glassanos
A practical guide to soft skills for software developers, this book is your companion to help you thrive as an engineer, build your own confidence and team skills, and accelerate your career growth so you’re ready for a senior role.
Now Available
Land Your Dream Design Job
by Dan Shilov
Whether you're looking for your first job or your fifteenth, you can find an opportunity that plays to your strengths, matches with your values, and provides support for professional growth.
Coming Soon
by Jacob Bøtter
In this guide through the no-code revolution, you’ll learn technologies that will enable you to create your own apps, train your own algorithms, and build your own automated workflows. Get ready to become more productive and in control of the technology you use every day.
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Security for Everyone
by Laura BellErica Anderson
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You don’t need deep technical knowledge or deep pockets to secure your startup or growing business. From your personal laptop to the people, data, and systems of your company, this comprehensive resource offers low-cost, scalable security solutions to help you protect what matters most.
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Classics in Modern Form

In our mission to build the future of the book, we also want to celebrate the past. We’ve adapted a few classic books, each available for free with a Holloway account.

Holloway Classics
A Journal of the Plague Year
by Daniel Defoe
Originally published by E. Nutt in 1722
Defoe’s account of the Great Plague in London in the year 1663 is a cross-genre work. Defoe himself was a young boy at the time this story is set; he based the tale on the experiences of his uncle, but it is also deeply researched, expressing Defoe’s talents as a journalist, and the book is considered an accurate account of London during the Plague.
Holloway Classics
Alice in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
Originally published by Macmillan in 1865
A fully illustrated edition of the beloved children’s classic, the story of a young girl named Alice who falls through a rabbit hole into a world of eccentric creatures, nonsense, and rhyme.
Holloway Classics
Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott
Originally published by Roberts Brothers in 1868
The beloved story of the March sisters, based on the author’s family and friends and her journey as a writer, was one of the first novels to focus on the inner lives of women and issues women faced, including the domestic sphere, equality, love, and work.
Holloway Classics
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
by Frederick Douglass
Originally published by Anti-Slavery Office in 1845
Frederick Douglass’ memoir of his early life in slavery and his journey out of bondage, published in 1845, was one of the most influential and defining pieces of the abolitionist movement, which resulted in the ratification of the 13th Amendment in 1865. The book was a bestseller—its sales helped the author to purchase his freedom—and established Douglass as a leader in the movement for abolition, racial justice, and equality.
Holloway Classics
Notes on Nursing
by Florence Nightingale
Originally published by Harrison of Pall Mall in 1859
A treatise on the best practices for the physical and psychological care of sick people, written by the iconic founder of modern nursing. It is a classic in formal nursing training, and was intended to be read and used by the general public as well. Joan Quixley praised this influential book as “the first of its kind ever to be written.”
Holloway Classics
Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen
Originally published by T Egerton, Whitehall in 1813
Austen’s second novel follows heroine Elizabeth Bennet as she learns about love, money, duty, and goodness in Regency England. It is consistently ranked one of the most beloved books of all time, with over 20M copies sold.
Holloway Classics
by Hermann Hesse
Originally published by New Directions in 1951 (U.S.); German edition published 1922
Follow the journey of Siddhartha, a man born of privilege in the time of Guatama Buddha, who leaves his material comfort behind in search of spiritual truths. A beloved literary classic from a Nobel Prize winner.
Holloway Classics
The Story of My Life
by Helen Keller
Originally published by Doubleday, Page & Co. in 1903
A courageous and beautifully written memoir chronicling Helen Keller’s journey into language as a young blind and deaf girl, as she worked with her beloved teacher, Anne Sullivan.
Holloway Classics
The Wealth of Nations
by Adam Smith
Originally published by William Strahan in 1776
The foundational text in economics is a practical treatise against the mercantalist economic structure of monarchy and for free-market capitalism, and covers topics from the division of labor to agriculture, taxation, and war. The publication of this book marked a paradigm shift in economic and political theory, establishing classical economic theory as the dominant model of the 18th and early 19th centuries.
Holloway Classics
The Yosemite
by John Muir
Originally published by The Century Co. in 1912
Conservationist John Muir lived six years in Yosemite Valley, California, documenting the region’s beauty and ecology for Century magazine. His efforts to bring Yosemite’s beauty and fragility to the public eye helped ensure Yosemite would be established as a National Park, in 1890.
Holloway Classics
by Henry David Thoreau
Originally published by Ticknor and Fields in 1854
Cited by figures from Martin Luther King to Tolstoy as a highly influential work, Thoreau's reflections on society, nature, and how life can be lived are as readable a philosophy as ever has been written. These essays from the author’s two years alone on Walden Pond make a good guide and companion through the changes of 2020.
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