What makes software intelligent?

Everyone, from journalists to investors, sees the growing impact of AI in our lives. But few know what’s under the hood. How do machine learning algorithms work, how did they arise, and where are they going? A detailed yet approachable explanation for the intelligent reader.

Length: 220 pages
Language: English
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About the Author

Giuliano Pezzolo Giacaglia
Giuliano has held several roles in technology and AI companies, from startups like Bluecore to Microsoft and Facebook. He has long been interested in the rise and applications of artificial intelligence. He holds two degrees from MIT, where he studied under Marvin Minsky, one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence and founder of the MIT Media Lab. Giuliano also worked under Patrick Henry Winston, former director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, in the Genesis Group, helping to develop an account of human intelligence. This is his first book.

Table of Contents

What to Expect in This Book
The Beginning
Early Beginnings (1932–1952)
The Birth of Artificial Intelligence (1952–1956)
Early Demonstrations
Golden Years (1956–1974)
First A.I. Winter (1974–1980)
A.I. Boom (1980–1987)
Second A.I. Winter (1987–1993)
Probabilistic Reasoning (1993–2001)
IBM Watson
Deep Learning
How to Learn
Deep Learning
Convolutional Neural Networks
Software 2.0
Dueling Neural Networks
Data Is the New Oil
Data Privacy
Deep Learning Processors
Meta Learning
Sleeping and Learning
Predicting the Future
Robots in the Industry
Machine Learning and Robotics
Self-Driving Cars
The Future of Self-Driving Cars
Industry Efforts
Voice Assistants (Siri)
Law (Judicata)
Real Estate
Economic Impact
Creating Artificial General Intelligence

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