The Holloway Guide ToRaising Venture Capital

A comprehensive walkthrough of the ecosystem and processes related to raising venture capital from pre-seed past Series A—all written and reviewed by experienced startup founders and investors.

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What’s inside

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Two years in the making, this Guide is the product of more than fifty people’s effort. Between his last two companies, our lead author has raised more than $20M in venture capital. We pulled in lawyers who worked at the early stages of Uber and Airbnb, investors who’ve been active for decades, and critics of venture capital to create a comprehensive practical Guide you can put to use today.

Original Author

  • Andy Sparks

Contributing Authors

  • Rachel Jepsen

Contribution and Review

  • José Ancer (Egan Nelson LLP)
  • Michael Brown (Fenwick & West)
  • Brad Feld (Foundry Group)
  • Chris Field (Clerky)
  • Eric Friedman (Building the Machine)
  • Alexander Graebe (HyperTrack)
  • Chris Harvey (Harvey Esquire)
  • Lindsay Knight (Chicago Ventures)
  • Craig Montuori (Global EIR)
  • Danielle Morrill (GitLab)
  • Leo Polovets (Susa Ventures)
  • Camille Ricketts (First Round, Notion)
  • Joe Sadusky (The Wordsmith)
  • Santosh Sankar (Dynamo Venture Capital)
  • Tess Townsend (Journalists in Classrooms)
  • Tyler Tringas (Earnest Capital)
  • Joe Wallin (Carney Bradley Spellman)
  • Eugene Wan (The Engine)
  • Darby Wong (Clerky)


  • Rachel Jepsen
  • Joshua Levy
  • Adam Marx
  • Courtney Nash
  • Andy Sparks
  • Dmitriy Kharchenko & Leigh Taylor


Though it’s getting better, venture capital has traditionally been a fairly closed, blackbox field. This Guide democratizes and demystifies the VC ecosystem, which is an important step toward building a more diverse and inclusive industry.

Lindsay Knight (Chicago Ventures)

Raising venture capital is a huge decision for founders. I highly recommend this Holloway Guide—it dives deep into how to raise, but also gives an honest assessment of why founders should or shouldn’t raise VC and the alternative paths for building companies.

Tyler Tringas (Earnest Capital)

Holloway has brought a digestible and actionable first-class experience to a very intimidating topic. The clarity that this guide offers will leave you with answers, not headaches. If you plan on raising, I can confidently say that this only guide you need to read.

Jared Erondu (Lattice)

The Holloway Guide to VC is an incredibly well-curated resource that’s easily searchable and is heavily grounded in first principles. I wish I had this guide when trying to raise VC money for my first startup!

Kiren Srinivasan (Holberton School)

Holloway is taking a thoughtful non-biased approach at putting together a comprehensive guide to raising venture capital. Rather than being a mile wide and an inch deep like other guides; they have focused on quality and context.

Zach Klempf (CEO, Selly Automotive)

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