Learn as a Team

Best practices are most powerful when shared with a team.

The Holloway catalog of online books offers some of the most in-depth and deeply researched guides available in sales, remote work, and interviewing and hiring processes, and more.

Many Holloway readers have asked how to get access for colleagues, clients, or portfolio companies. You may want to offer the benefit to others you work with, but not know exactly how many people are interested in access.

Holloway is pleased to offer team access invitations to make it easy to give lifetime access to each person who wants a digital copy of the book.

Tell us about your team in this 3-question form. We will provide you instructions, pricing, and an invite link you can share. If you share it with others, we invoice you monthly based on the actual number of people who accept a new copy of a book using that link. They receive a digital copy in their account that they can keep. You don’t have to guess how many to pay for up front—and if desired, the total number of copies you pay for is capped at a maximum you specify.

As with individual purchases, these invoiced team purchases are lifetime access per person (not a recurring subscription), including future updates at no charge and a digital download for individual use.* You are invoiced only when new members redeem new copies.

Currently all group purchases are $5 off per copy plus additional volume discounts if purchased within one monthly invoice:

  • 10% off any invoice of 20 or more copies
  • 20% off any invoice of 40 or more copies
  • 25% off any invoice of 80 or more copies

More questions or needs? We’re here to help! Contact sales@holloway.com.

See the FAQ for more on Holloway digital titles.

✨ Pro tip: You’ll get both an invoice for accounting and a receipt. Your employer may already have an L&D budget that can cover educational materials for employees—forward this page to your manager to confirm!

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