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Practical and actionable, our Guides offer advice that you can put to use immediately. Our goal is to pool and reconcile hundreds of sources and trustworthy opinions in one place, saving you the effort of wading through dozens of coffee meetings, mixed-quality blog posts, and cursed banner ads. A Guide won’t tell you what to do, but it will help you make better decisions.

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At Holloway, we imagine a place on the web where depth, quality, and high-value writing are the norm. A place where experts’ ideas are accessible to anyone. Where thoughtful, inclusive, and well-written resources win over quick takes, self-promoting blog posts, and content marketing.

We believe you, the reader, know the difference. It’s 2019. You recognize sites riddled with ads and clickbait headlines. Deep and comprehensive resources take expertise, time, and money to build. By buying access to a Guide, you’re supporting a place online that makes longform reading a pleasure—and allowing us to pay authors, contributors, engineers, and editors who build and improve them. We see Holloway as a new and powerful way to publish. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

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