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The Holloway Reader


The Holloway Reader is an online reading experience built for book lovers by book lovers. Hover over key terms and links to reveal context without leaving the page, read community commentary in the margins, take notes, highlight, and find what you need, when you need it, with our powerful search. All right in your browser.

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Publish Your Book with Holloway

When people Google answers to their toughest questions, your book should appear in the search results. Holloway is the only publisher enabling authors to meet readers at their point of need, build an audience, drive sales, and learn what content is most popular by publishing books on modular pages.*

If you have an unpublished manuscript targeting professionals or technologists—or if you’re working on one now—we’d love to hear from you.

Classic Books in Modern Form

In our mission to build the future of the book, we also want to celebrate the past.

In addition to publishing practical non-fiction, we adapt classic books to our modern medium. Great works should not only look great, but be easy to read and search on the web, with bookmarks and highlights. We’ve added background material, classic illustrations, and archival images—all for free.

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