The Holloway Guide ToTechnical Recruiting and Hiring

A practical, expert-reviewed Guide to growing software engineering teams effectively, written by and for hiring managers, recruiters, interviewers, and candidates.

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What’s inside

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  • 290Pages
  • 335Links
  • 12 HoursRead Time


The contributors to this Guide have spent decades on software engineering teams, as engineers, managers, and executives. After building and selling his startup to Quora, our lead author led Product Engineering there (up to 6 teams, 35 engineers). Other key contributors include the former CTO of Dropbox (who has scaled teams to thousands of engineers), the CEO of interviewing.io, and others, who offer thoughtful guidance for any hiring manager or candidate who wishes to understand or improve the hiring process for their company.

Original Author

  • Osman (Ozzie) Osman

Contributing Authors

  • Aditya Agarwal (formerly Dropbox)
  • Alex Allain (Dropbox)
  • Jennifer Kim (Mission Driven)
  • Aline Lerner (Interviewing.io)
  • Joshua Levy (Holloway)

Contribution and Review

  • Jose Guardado (Y Combinator)
  • Robert Hatta (Drive Capital)
  • Zack Isaacson (Sweat Equity Ventures)
  • Viraj Mody (Convoy)
  • Kevin Morrill (formerly Mattermark)
  • Pradeep Muthukrishnan (HiDimensional)
  • Sam Wholley (Riviera Partners)


  • Rachel Jepsen β€” Editor
  • Joshua Levy β€” Editor
  • Courtney Nash β€” Editor


Talented people are your strongest asset and your biggest constraint for developing great products and solving challenging problems. This Guide covers everything from company branding, to designing interview questions, to understanding the many possible motivations of candidates, helping managers find the best possible fit, and ensure they develop positive, long-term relationships with all the candidates they meet.

β€”Aditya Agarwal (former CTO, Dropbox)

Without a doubt, this Guide is the best resource I’ve read on technical hiring, by a substantial margin.

β€”Kellan Elliott-McCrae (formerly Blink Health, Etsy)

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