The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter

This Guide will help professionals in all fields use Twitter to find collaborators, generate ideas, build a brand, and more.

Length: 70 pages
Edition: e1.0.1
Last Updated: 2020-01-28
Language: English

Researched, written, and edited by experts.

Written by practitioners. Edited by professionals.

Fadeke Adegbuyi (Doist)
Jackie Luo (Square)
Visakan Veerasamy (JIBABOM!)
Kevin Simler (Hexagon Bio)
Sahil Lavingia (Gumroad)
Arianna Simpson (Autonomous Partners)
Nikhil Krishnan (TrialSpark)

Table of Contents

Representing Yourself Online
Your Photo
Your Bio
Anonymous Accounts
Choosing Who to Follow
Favorites and Industry Leaders
Uncover Interesting People
Companies, Organizations, and News Outlets
What’s the Magic Number?
Use Twitter Lists
Gaining Your First Followers
Colleagues and Industry Peers
Conferences and Events
Choosing What to Tweet
Promote Your Work Authentically
Share What You’re Learning
Use Twitter as a Testing Ground
Start Interesting Conversations
Nikhil Krishnan’s Tweeting Strategy
Engaging With Others
Avoiding Negative Engagement
Sending DMs
Finding Professional Opportunities
Grow Your Business
Gain Valuable Feedback
Attract Candidates
Provide Customer Service
Building a Promotional Channel
Track Your Competitors
Taking The Online, Offline
Reaching Out to Potential Collaborators
Finding Events on Twitter
Meeting Complete Strangers
Navigating the Negatives on Twitter
Responding to Mobs
Recognizing Harassment on Twitter
Holding Others Accountable
Personally Dealing with Abuse
Reporting and Documenting Twitter Abuse
On Discussing Politics
Removing Negativity
Further Reading