Finding Events on Twitter

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Rather than scouring Eventbrite or Google for interesting events to attend, take note of the events mentioned by some of the people who follow you or whom you follow. Attend events and conferences based on where you know interesting people you follow will attend or speak at.

Meeting Twitter Folks at Events

Before and during the event, add the conference tag to your username so itโ€™s simpler for people to invite you to meet in person at the event and vice-versa.

โ€œI literally just DM people to hang out. If Iโ€™m traveling Iโ€™ll do an open announcement, modify my twitter name to say โ€˜Visa in City Aug 5โ€“16โ€™ or something like that. Mutuals tend to hit me up if theyโ€™re traveling to Singapore, where I am.โ€ โ€”Visakan Veerasamy (@visakanv), co-founder, JIBABOM!

Meeting Complete Strangers

People may reach out to you about meeting when youโ€™re not familiar with them. For instance, a student or new grad seeking advice over coffee. Always assess risk even if offers to meet feel harmless and non-threatening.

โ€‹dangerโ€‹ While many people have amazing experiences with meeting online friends, thereโ€™s always the risk of crossing paths with people who are nothing like they appear to be online and who may be truly dangerous. Exercise caution when meeting up with people you donโ€™t know. Always default to meeting in public spaces and be incredibly cautious when it comes to disclosing your address, where youโ€™re staying if youโ€™re traveling, or meeting at your home.

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