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Updated January 28, 2020

If you’re growing and scaling your team, simply talking about your company is a form of employer branding. Most people value transparency in the company they work for. Providing insights into your company will help you attract talented people whose values and interests align with those of you and your company.

Some topics you can talk about to increase interest in your company and attract talent:

  • Your company values

  • Your business performance (revenue, growth, customers)

  • Interesting projects your team is working on

  • Future plans and ambitions

There are a number of founders who do this very well:

Provide Customer Service

In the early days of starting a business, a founder is often a multi-department team of one: engineering, design, marketing, and sales. It’s likely you also need to task yourself with customer service. Your users are often on Twitter, and that’s where they want to get help. That’s where you should provide it.

This serves to both get customers their answers, and to be aware of issues with your product or service and provide reassurance. When you initially start a company, this advice can be invaluable in helping you prioritize fixes and building your project roadmap.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your team grow, you’ll hire for a customer support team. Many companies have an β€œAll hands customer support culture” that encourages C-levels and executives to be cognizant of customers by doing customer support. If your company does this, they likely have to be trained how best to provide support on Twitter. Users often tag founders or prominent employees with their questions (or complaints!) about new features or bugs.

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