Reaching Out to Potential Collaborators

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Updated January 28, 2020

The great part of the platform is you can have banter with people you know have similar interests before you move to the private DMs. This makes the transition much more natural. I usually will reach out after a few back-and-forths on something on the platform, DM them and say I think they have interesting thoughts on X topic we bantered about, and if they’d be open to chatting more over a coffee. This has an incredibly high success rate and has helped me more professionally and personally than anything else in my life.Nikhil Krishnan (@nikillinit), Strategic Partnerships Manager, TrialSpark*

Seek out and message people who are playing infinite games and whom you can envision working with long-term.

Finding Events on Twitter

Rather than scouring Eventbrite or Google for interesting events to attend, take note of the events mentioned by some of the people who follow you or whom you follow. Attend events and conferences based on where you know interesting people you follow will attend or speak at.

Meeting Twitter Folks at Events

Before and during the event, add the conference tag to your username so it’s simpler for people to invite you to meet in person at the event and vice-versa.

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