Building a Promotional Channel

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Updated January 28, 2020

There are countless resources on how to use Twitter for marketing: growing your business through Twitter Ads, optimizing your tweet timing and frequency for improved visibility, and ideal sizing for graphics, to name a few (we wonโ€™t cover those here).

But whatโ€™s most important about using Twitter as a promotional channel for your business is the type of content you post. As a general rule: doing promotion well shouldnโ€™t feel like promotion. Thatโ€™s to say there really shouldnโ€™t be a huge shift between a personal account and a brand accountโ€”both should aim to be interesting, informative, and adept at storytelling. Rather than selling, your company account should be helping, whether through original or curated content.

Here are three categories of social content that work:

Track Your Competitors

Your competitors are on Twitter too. You can use the platform to keep tabs on them and stay abreast of what theyโ€™re releasing and their brand and product sentiment.

  • Add competitors to a private Twitter list. Add both a companyโ€™s founders, leadership team members, and their company handles to a private list. This can help you keep a beat on the company and what theyโ€™re working on.

  • Query Twitter to see competitorsโ€™s mentions. Search for a companyโ€™s mentions to see what their customers are saying about them. This can provide you with hints on how to improve your own business or product and who their users are.

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