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The fastest way to ship software is with no programming at all. In this guide through the no-code revolution, you’ll learn the tools to create your own apps, train your own algorithms, and build your own automated workflows.

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How to Ship Software Without Being a Programmer

by Jacob Bøtter

Are you…

  • a non-technical founder who wants to be able to rely on your own skills to build your vision?
  • a professional who doesn’t want to wait around and pay big for someone else’s technical talent?
  • ready to get a leg up in any business affected by increasing digitization?

Get ready to become more productive and in control of the technology you use every day, by joining the no-code movement!

Author, entrepreneur, and digital consultant Jacob Bøtter has created the official guide to all things no-code. No-Code includes a personal training program to help you go from novice to expert in three months, PLUS:

  • How to use 25 no-code tools that will enable you to create your own apps, train your own algorithms, and build your own automated workflows, including Zapier, Integromat, Glide, Bubble, Webflow, and 20 more!
  • An exploration of the kinds of knowledge and skills 21st century workers need to have, and why no-code is the answer.
  • Help on getting your colleagues to adopt no-code.

See the full list of tools you’ll learn in No-Code and read more from the author here!

For way too long, programmers and IT departments have had a monopoly on deciding how to organize and optimize your work and which digital product ideas you can launch. No-Code will teach you how to be in control, become more productive, and make technology work for you-not the other way around. A tidal wave of technological change is underway with the no-code movement. Join it.

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About the Author

Jacob Bøtter
Jacob Bøtter is an entrepreneur and consultant based in Copenhagen, advising business leaders and large corporations on how to transform their organizations in the digital age. He published his first book in 2010 and has published three since, including the global bestseller UNBOSS. Twenty years ago, Jacob taught himself to code to create his first products—and then spent years searching for a simpler alternative. Jacob believes that no-code marks a paradigm shift in how businesses and individuals will approach digital technology and product development.

Does this sound like you?

I have a bunch of ideas for products I’d like to launch, but can’t find a technical co-founder. How can I build the first version without code?
A lot of my workday is repeating routine tasks. How can I automate my workflow?
I have read that AI will change my industry but cannot afford to hire a consultant to train a neural network for me. Can I do it myself?
No-code is the future, but how do I persuade my colleagues to believe in it?
I want to get started with no-code, but have no idea where to begin. Do you have a training program I can follow?
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