Announcing “No-Code: How to Ship Software Without Being a Programmer”

In this guide through the no-code revolution, you’ll learn technologies that will enable you to create your own apps, train your own algorithms, and build your own automated workflows. Get ready to become more productive and in control of the technology you use every day.
Jacob Bøtter

No-Code will be released in October. Learn more about what’s inside, and sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know when the book is out, and receive discounts.

When I started building companies a few decades ago, I had to learn how to code. Not just to create products, but also to communicate with technical people on the team. In recent years most of what I learned has become obsolete following the tidal wave from the no-code movement. Now everyone can build prototypes and full digital products with little technical knowledge. No-code has become a household tool for every 22-year old kid in the Valley, but still a foreign language to virtually everyone else. I believe a tremendous productivity gain is waiting to be unlocked for knowledge workers, entrepreneurs, and smaller companies by embracing the no-code approach.

In just a few days of studying no-code tools and techniques, you can start building digital prototypes. Even better, you can begin to power up repeated processes through automation and machine learning. Processes that currently live in static Excel files or physical whiteboards can become digital without involving IT departments or expensive suppliers.

These are the tools we’ll be learning to use in No-Code!

My goal is to write a hands-on book that gives you an understanding of the no-code landscape by giving you a taste of the 25 most important tools available today. I believe it is not enough to know the names and benefits of these tools. It would be best if you learned through hands-on experience by building projects yourself. For this reason, the book will also provide you with a training program bringing you from zero experience in no-code to a trained expert in three months.

I am honored that the project was funded in no time using Kickstarter, and hundreds of people have started collaborating with me to bring this out there as fast as possible.

Join the no-code movement.

— Jacob Bøtter

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