Plant the Seeds of Networking



Updated June 8, 2022

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The phrase your network is your net worth will come to life as you enter graduate school.

That’s the grad life calendar of University of California San Diego.* Every week is filled with a mélange of events, workshops, and seminars, and you have the fun job of choosing how best to optimize your time while attending all the events that are important to you. This is not an easy task. This has to be done in addition to ten hours of classes, possibly 20 hours of assignments, and even more time spent searching for a job.

But once again, you’ve got a great head start! You can begin laying the groundwork right now.

Glad you asked! LinkedIn has transformed from a job recruiting site to a powerful networking and learning tool. There is a whole suite of courses on LinkedIn just to help you use the platform effectively.* The learning curve to use LinkedIn is not steep: you will be able to perform all the basic functions right off the bat. On the other hand, the learning curve to use it to stand out is pretty steep. We’ll talk about three ways you can do that below. If you want a more in-depth dive into this topic, we recommend you resort to one of the many free courses found online.*

Finding Connections

Roshni Chellani,* a Qualcomm engineer and LinkedIn influencer, says, “Students would have much more success with LinkedIn if they perceive it as a way to propel their curiosity by making genuine, lasting connections rather than perceiving it as a mere job search engine.”

And she did exactly that. She spent countless hours understanding the intricacies of how LinkedIn works to experiment with the lesser-known features and form lasting connections. Thanks to her curiosity, she ended up meeting Jay Shetty, a famous author and motivational speaker.*

The journey doesn’t end with creating a stellar profile; it begins with it.

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