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Get Started Now

With most events going remote this year, the opportunity to connect and attend an event is becoming easier and easier. Hereโ€™s how you can find some good ones:

  • Search for design on EventBrite, Facebook Local, and Meetup. Whatโ€™s coming up?

  • Sign up for one event youโ€™ll attend this month and go there. Post on your LinkedIn that youโ€™ll be attending that event and youโ€™re looking forward to meeting folks there.

  • Look for conferences. Make it a point to find one or two great conferences this year and attend. If money is an issue, reach out to the organizers and ask to help out.

  • Are there any community gaps that exist where you live? Considering filling that gap by organizing a meetup.

Additional Resources

Here are three books that I think are a must-read:

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. The classic in the field, still just as relevant today.

  • Never Eat Alone, by Keith Ferazzi. Although it has mixed reviews, Keith does a great job of providing tips and frameworks you can use to meet people. At the heart of it is the genuine message that weโ€™re better off connecting and sharing resources than hoarding away our contacts.

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