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Our actions train our brains to think, using our bodies. They also train our brains to see the opportunities for progress. Graphic designer Milton Glaser, who created the iconic β€œI ❀ NY” logo, says in an interview, β€œWhat happens with the brain is that the more you do something, the more deep those impulses become.”

Leonardo da Vinci called this β€œcomponimento inculto,” which biographer Walter Isaacson describes as β€œan uncultivated composition that helps work out ideas through an intuitive process.” Basically, thinking by sketching.

The first two chapters will enable us to get back in touch with our inner artists by finding the energy, and inspiration, to make a vast quantity of acceptable work. Then, we’ll keep working but begin to focus on defining and developing the quality of our work. In the final two chapters, we’ll take steps to share our work and learn from others.

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