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Andy Sparks

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Good Work is the second newsletter I’ve been a part of creating. Before this, I worked with Danielle and Kevin Morrill to create The Mattermark Daily, which would go on to have more than 100K subscribers. It began as a weekly newsletter, with a 1,000+ word feature going out every Sunday or Monday (and occasionally on a Tuesday). However, as Mattermark grew, we tried shortening our editorial contribution and focused on sharing the best links we came across each day. For the next few weekly editions of Good Work, we’re going to focus on sharing less of our own opinions and put more emphasis on surfacing great reads about how to do good work. Let us know what you think at

This Week

On Remote Work

Andreas Klinger, Head of Remote at AngelList, has been tweeting up a storm about remote work this week.

  • First, he asks if it would be better to use the term “colocated work.”
  • Second, he asked for tips on running off-sites for remote teams, and there were quite a few responses. See the thread here. That thread inspired Amir Salihefendić to pen a tweetstorm in response.

On Changing Consumer Behavior

Startup Stuff

Long-Term Thinking


I’m increasingly becoming more negative toward Facebook and Google. audioThis podcast with Sam Harris and Roger McNamee made me begin changing my behavior. This week, two pieces stood out to me on the subject, and I think it’s important all of us think about the work we do and how we, directly and indirectly, support companies that market their products to us as if they’re here to help but then turn around and sell our data without our permission.

That’s Good Work for this week. Looking forward to what’s next.

Andy and the Holloway Team

Good Work is written and curated by Andy Sparks, Courtney Nash, Dmitriy Kharchenko, Hope Hackett, Joshua Levy, and Rachel Jepsen.

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