Introducing The Holloway Platform and Two New Books

Andy Sparks
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A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.Carl Sagan, Cosmos*

Today, we’re thrilled to announce two new books: Angel Investing, Start to Finish by Joe Wallin and Pete Baltaxe and Founding Sales: The Startup Sales Handbook by Pete Kazanjy. Both books are due out in June, and signing up for their respective waitlists here and here will get you a discount when they go live.

At Holloway, we want to bring the deep, helpful knowledge found in books to the web. We’ve been building toward this moment for three years. First, we built a brand new way to read books in the browser. Then we produced and published five books on Holloway. Now, we’re taking everything we learned and making Holloway available to more authors to make it easier to publish and promote their ideas, build a following, measure their impact, and make a living.

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Angel Investing: Start to Finish

Joe and Pete have put together a very comprehensive, modern, relevant work on angel investment. This is the book I wish I’d had 10 years ago. It’s all the bits and pieces of angel investment perfectly structured for angel and entrepreneur consumption. The details on terms and term sheets are particularly focused and critical. A must-read for anyone involved in early-stage investment.Burton Miller, Co-Founder, Roost

Angel Investing is a 250-page book full of practical and legal advice on how to invest in early-stage businesses. Joe Wallin brings decades of experience as an early-stage startup attorney to the table. He is on the public policy advisory council of the Angel Capital Association, and co-authored The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation (read by over 200K people). Pete Baltaxe has raised over $25M in venture financing, had two successful exits, and has been investing in startups for more than ten years.

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Founding Sales: The Startup Sales Handbook

A successful go-to-market is key in giving your early stage company the best chance of success. Founders who lean into this and get good at selling will have a key advantage, and Founding Sales is a great resource to help founders do just that.Josh Kopelman, Founder and Partner at First Round Capital

Written by a founder for founders, Founding Sales covers everything you need to know about selling, building sales teams, and getting smart on the sales function. Pete Kazanjy sold his company TalentBin to Monster in 2014 and is now Co-Founder & CRO at Atrium.

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Why We’re Building a Platform for Publishing Books

Much human knowledge has been kept between the covers of print books for centuries. That means some of the most important things we can learn are just too hard to find—books aren’t included in search results on the internet, and their content isn’t searchable. This is as much a problem for authors as it is for would-be readers.

People look for answers to their questions on Google and other search engines. Like no other print or digital publisher, Holloway makes it possible for books published on our platform to show up in search results. By publishing chapters and subsections of books as separate web pages (like this), similar to how articles are published online, we enable authors, who have spent years researching and writing their books, to win readers' attention, just like journalists and bloggers. Each of these pages is only a preview, encouraging readers to buy the whole book if they’d like to keep reading—this way, authors can build an audience of free readers and drive book sales.

Holloway also provides tools to authors that make it easy to publish, measure their impact through analytics, take payment, communicate with their readership if they choose, update their work, and earn a living. The traditional publishing industry either doesn’t offer these things at all, or makes them too hard to attain. Today, the spectrum of options for authors spans from getting a publishing contract with a big publishing house on one end, working with a small indie publisher in the middle, and going it alone—self-publishing—on the other end. Publishing at Holloway will be a path that’s faster, more direct, and gives authors more power and reach than any other way to publish a book, on or offline.

To publish a book with a big publishing house, it’s common to spend more than 12 months working with an agent and negotiating a contract. You have little to no input on the book cover or title, and you have to fly to New York to meet an agent. With Holloway, there’s none of that. The single biggest determining factor in how long it takes to get published with us is how long it takes to finish writing and editing your book.

When you self-publish, you are on your own. Getting your book from Google Doc to EPUB or live on Kindle is not a walk in the park, nor is finding an editor, or finding a designer for your book cover, to say nothing of marketing and selling the book. At Holloway, we convert your docs, handle the book cover, help you build a waitlist, share excerpts with early readers, process payments, and give you tools to help you promote your book.

Our mission at Holloway has always been to make expert knowledge and great writing more accessible and discoverable. By supporting authors as developers and improving the publishing process, we can bring more and better reading to all the people out there, just like us, sitting at their computers, asking questions.

» If you’re interested in publishing your book with Holloway, get in touch here. We’re focused on non-fiction books on career, business, and technology. But we’re also interested in connecting with any talented authors in any area.

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