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Andy Sparks

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Everyone has written a guide on remote work—but no one has done so as diligently and comprehensively as Holloway. They’ve spoken to everyone who knows about remote work, and do not shy away from what’s tough or complex.Job van der Voort, CEO, Remote

Last October, we set out to write the definitive guide to how teams can work together even when they’re apart. We planned for a release date of March 31. Then COVID-19 happened. We didn’t intend this to be a guide to working from home in a crisis, but a lot of folks have been asking us to release it ASAP. We’ve decided to stay true to our first editorial principle, “We offer helpful guidance,” and release The Holloway Guide to Remote Work two weeks early.

To compile the most comprehensive resource for companies grappling with the complexities of remote work, we enlisted the help of over 30 remote work leaders. As with all Holloway guides, the Guide to Remote Work goes deep—330 pages deep—to help individuals make the best possible decisions for themselves and their companies and teams.

One section we believe will be particularly helpful is on mental health in remote teams—it’s now free for anyone to read. As remote workers ourselves, we know how easy it is to underestimate the emotional challenges of working from home, like burnout and feelings of isolation. Now that the coronavirus has suddenly changed working life for millions of people—many of whom are caring for kids and worrying about parents—we encourage everyone to read this section. People are scared and uncertain, and we could all use support.

We’re happy to release this guide early with the belief that it can help. Pardon our dust, however, as there are a few things we have yet to finish up. The good news is, it will only get better. On top of that, we’ve lowered the price of this book from $75 to $35. If you’re interested in buying more than one copy, have any questions, or just need someone to say hello to, please reach out to Stay safe out there.

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