The Holloway Syllabus on B2B Sales

100+ resources you need to learn the ins and outs of B2B sales.
Andy Sparks
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Two salespeople may see exactly the same characteristics in a customer, but the successful one will spot the characteristic that matters above all others and establish a sales strategy accordingly.Philip Delves Broughton (The Art of the Sale)

This list required over 40 hours of research. Thank you to Tom Eisenmann from Harvard Business School to for curating many of these great resources (Tom credits Frank Cespedes at HBS for helping him). We believe this is the most comprehensive and authoritative list (over 100 resources!) to help you master the ins and outs of B2B sales.

Whether you’re a founder who needs to figure out how to make the business work, someone who thinks they might make a great salesperson, or an employee curious how the sales department affects the rest of the company, it can be a struggle just to get started. This list is an ideal place to bookmark and return to.

A lot of the resources in this syllabus focus on software sales, but the principles and concepts are relevant to folks who sell all kinds of things, from hardware to services.

B2B Sales 101

Overview of the Sales Process

General Sales Tips

Sales Strategy

Getting Started

How Sales Organizations Evolve

Choosing a Sales Model

Sales Methodologies

Inside Sales

Channel Sales

Scaling Sales

Managing Conflict with Sales and Other Functions

  • Bonfire of the Vanities — Steve Blank — Managing the often contentious relationship between sales and marketing in startups.

Specific Sales Tactics


Sales Hiring

Hiring Sales Senior Management—Who and when to Hire

Hiring, Managing, and Motivating Sales Teams

Resources for B2B Sales



Newsletters and Blogs


Case Studies

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