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Updated June 8, 2022

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Writing a blog article might help hundreds of students along their way. On the other hand, mentoring one student will completely change his or her life. You don’t have to pick between the two; you can do both. Mentoring someone goes beyond providing resources and talking about what you did.

Mentoring someone requires that you understand their situation, empathize, and tailor your advice accordingly.

Pick three to five students who reach out to you when the next cycle of admissions begins. Set up a regular cadence when you can meet them all and be updated on their situation. Share resources to help them with their applications, and find ways in which they can help each other. The good thing about generosity is that it is infectious. Your altruism will soon be multiplied many-fold as the lives you touch begin to do their part.

Thank Your Village

You could not have done this without them. Take the time to write personalized emails to everyone you could think of who had a stake in this. Trust me, it is a fun process! I remember thoroughly enjoying writing emails to all the professors who wrote me a recommendation letter. The highlight of it was the responses I received from them as they expressed their happiness.

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