Updated September 19, 2022
Art for Money

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Art is a gift that changes the recipient.Seth Godin

To my friends, whose work is very valuable.

And to…

illustrators, graphic designers, copy writers, web developers, software engineers, craftspeople, builders, landscape architects, furniture designers, photographers, videographers, editors, automotive detailers, ceramicists, cake artists, florists, painters, mural artists, coaches, instructors, models, influencers, hair and makeup artists, producers, directors, consultants, journalists, content creators, project managers, contract workers

…and independent creators of all kinds.

My Mess Is My Message9 minutes, 1 link

Getting results doesn’t take much time at all. It’s not getting results that takes up all the time.Dan Sullivan

A while back, after a career in fashion merchandising and alongside my freelance pursuits, I became a partner in a small product design studio. My title was Managing Director. My partners did the design work and I ran the business.

All seemed to be going well until we brought on board a client who, after a few months, stopped paying their bills and started acting weird. Communication came in a tangled web and decisions were stalled, then made, then retracted. At first, we joked about it. We accepted the difficulty.

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