Creating Your Own On-Site Packet



Updated October 11, 2023
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My deliverable at this stage is an on-site packet composed of:

  • Summary page. This has the name of the company, schedule, street address, and point person for the interview and their phone number, in case I need to call when I arrive or get lost.

  • Pages for each interviewing event. Covers any interesting facts and questions I want to follow up with for each person.

  • Extra pages. Just in case, for note-taking during interviews.

This packet makes it easy to keep track of interviews, take notes, and cross reference information all in one place throughout the interview. It’s also helpful as a reference afterward, if you choose to follow up on certain questions when you receive an offer.

Day of the On-Site

For your on-site, it’s important to have the basics covered. That means eating well a few hours before and getting proper rest. Think of this as a test. You have the knowledge and skills, now it’s important to demonstrate your major skills and accomplishments in one go.

Gather Your Belongings

If this is a full or a half day of interviews, it will probably be demanding, so be sure to bring your:

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