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Updated October 11, 2023
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With problem discovery done, I did some rough explorations via storyboard sketches showing how a car interior could transform to a suitable activity from an interactive gym inside a car, to a productivity station, to an experience that connects two strangers by showing activities and people they have in common.

Figure: Bringing People Together

Bringing people together based on shared connections and activities.

In the end I converged on an idea I thought was most exciting—tourism; imagine an Airbnb experience guide but in a car. This concept hit on many things from my diagram—interacting with public and private spaces, using sensors, voice, AR, even facial recognition to do complex computation in order to provide the right answer. Here’s an example wireframe of what a smart social table may look like.

Figure: Smart Table

Sample wireframe of what a smart social table may look like.

Using Storytelling to Make the Concept Come to Life

To make the concept come to life, I wrote a story about a fictitious solo business traveler, Sarah, who has a few hours to kill in the evening in San Francisco by doing a tour of the city. The solution is an assistant in an autonomous car that understands Sarah and anticipates her needs. It also has a bit of snark to its personality, something Sarah appreciates.

Figure: Meet Sarah

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