Showing, Not Telling Sarah’s Journey



Updated October 11, 2023
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Here are a couple of highlights from the narrative that I’ve put together. Her journey starts on her phone near the place she’s staying.

Figure: The Journey Begins

The journey starts on the phone…

She lets the app know what she’s in the mood for, and as a car arrives the experience seamlessly transitions to her car dashboard.

Figure: An Overview of the Trip

The car dashboard shows an overview of the trip and destinations.

But the main action is in the tour that Sarah experiences through an AR windshield with a voice-assisted guide.

Figure: Space and Context

The windshield takes advantage of the large space and provides the right context.

The assistant is smart enough to make personal recommendations and get out of the way. It gives Sarah enough time to explore the Ferry building on foot so she can find her favorite chocolates there. The car goes to park itself, but the assistant is available a tap away on her phone.

Figure: Assistant at the Ready

Throughout the journey in the car, the assistant is intelligent enough to anticipate how Sarah feels (like if she’s falling asleep) and provide an appropriate remedy (coffee) with minimal input.

Figure: How About an Americano?

Would you like me to order a $20 Americano for you?

Putting It Together

The final presentation came down to 40+ slides in four chapters:

  1. Research synthesis. Show already-existing behaviors of people in relation to semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles.

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