Updated October 9, 2023
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Making a book is hard.

I was lucky to have the best business partner in crime (Laura), helpful and passionate editors and publishers (Holloway), patient and supportive friends (Dibbie, Sarah), a partner who made sure I was always fed and watered (Len), a son who patiently waited to arrive into the world until after all the hard parts were finished (Kana), and parents who bought this book to support me even though they still can’t be convinced to use a password manager (Eric, Sherrie).


Erica is much more eloquent than I am at these sorts of things, so I will keep it simple.

This book wouldn’t have happened without my partner (Graeme) for his love and encouragement, my children (Aoife and Lilith) for giving me the energy to push that little bit further and my co-author, business partner and friend (Erica) who has never backed down from one of my silly ideas.


Identifying What to Protect26 minutes, 2 links

🚀 As explained by Erica

Before we look at protecting the digital assets of your business, we need to cover your personal digital security. Your online identity connects to your finances, your work, your family, and your relationships.

If you are a business owner, co-founder, or a key member of a small startup, your digital assets may have even more value. As the person making key business decisions, impersonating you can give a bad actor access to financial and business accounts. The financial consequences to the company are your responsibility. Even worse, poor personal security by employees often leads to new risks for the business, such as a compromised personal email account leading to compromise of a business account.

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