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The maturity stage of the ads journey can be traced back to a little link thatโ€™s been on my site for over a decade. It simply says โ€œSponsor.โ€ It links to a form where businesses that want to sponsor my interviews can tell my team about themselves and schedule a call to talk about buying ads.

Today, every single show sponsor uses that link to start their relationship with me. Ad buyers find it because of the reputation my site built over the years. Each interview I publish draws in new listeners. Some of those happen to be ad buyers who want to buy podcast ads. Each link to my site adds to my reputation with Google, which helps me show up higher in search results done by ad buyers. Each new article written about my work is another potential source of sponsors.

My job isnโ€™t to hunt for new sponsors anymore. Itโ€™s to talk to each potential sponsor and make sure that what they have to offer would be a good fit for my audience.

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