Appendix D: Tools and Products



Updated August 24, 2022
Technical Recruiting and Hiring

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We’ve pulled together a comprehensive list of all the available tools/products and companies in the recruiting and hiring space. While we can’t make recommendations for what will work for your team and needs, this is a resource that can help you with research and comparison.

contribute Everyone has a tool or product they can’t live without. If there’s anything you think we overlooked in this list, please let us know!

NameDescriptionMaturity of product/companyPricePurpose
AdaptilabML-specific assessments.New (startup < 50 ppl)Custom pricingSourcing
AevySimilar to Nettrons and Fetcher (Sweden based)New (startup < 50 ppl)SubscriptionSourcing
AgaveLower-priced ATSNew (startup < 50 ppl)$15–$30/seat; Custom pricingATS/CRM/Database
AirtableDatabase and spreadsheet tool, wide variety of usesMature (wider market)Free; SubscriptionGeneral tooling
AngelListComprehensive offerings for companies and candidates, largely (but not exclusively) focused on startupsUbiquitous (must know about)A-List Paid: 20% of each hire; Source: $99+/monthMulti-use platform
AvatureEnterprise ATS companyEstablished nicheCustom pricingATS/CRM/Database
BambooHR techMature (wider market)$6.19–$8.25/seat per monthHR Tech
BeameryTalent Relationship Management (TRM) (UK based)Established niche$75/seat per monthEngagement
BetterWorksHR techEstablished nicheCustom pricingHR Tech
BoonTool to manage and encourage in-house referrals.New (startup < 50 ppl)$99/monthReferrals
BullhornFor multiple recruiting sources to pull together a single viewEstablished niche$99/month; Custom pricingATS/CRM/Database
CareerBuilderLarger scale job site, better for accounting, clerical, retail, etc. Not well suited to tech hiring. Caters to a more Midwestern audience.Mature (wider market)$219-499/month; $375 per jobSourcing
Clara LabsInterview scheduling toolYoung (team <100 ppl or not established)UnknownGeneral tooling
ClearCompanyTRM solutionMature (wider market)Custom pricingATS/CRM/Database
Code PilotGeneral-purpose AI company with an assessment tool where companies can choose any environment, language, database, etc.New (startup < 50 ppl)Custom pricingAssessment
Code Signal(Formerly Code Fights) Similar to Kaggle in terms of having a competitive angle.New (startup < 50 ppl)$22.50–$67.50/seat per month; Custom pricingAssessment
CoderPadShared coding tool for watching candidates codeMature (wider market)General tooling
CodilityAutomatically scored reportsNew (startup < 50 ppl)Custom pricingAssessment
ConnectifierPlugin exclusively for LinkedIn Recruiter that gives e-mail addresses.Ubiquitous (must know about)Free option; Recruiter: $100–$1000/monthEngagement
ConneryHR consulting firmUbiquitous (must know about)Custom pricingMulti-use platform
ContactOutLinkedIn email address finder. Competitor to Connectifier.New (startup < 50 ppl)UnknownEngagement
Criteria CorpPsychometric evaluationMature (wider market)Custom pricing; SubscriptionAssessment
Culture AmpHR techEstablished nicheCustom pricingHR Tech
Discover.lyBrowser extension for social media profile informationNew (startup < 50 ppl)FreeDataset
Divine GroupPsychometric evaluationMature (wider market)Custom pricingAssessment
DomoData platformMature (wider market)Custom pricingAnalytics
DraftedTool to manage and encourage in-house referrals.New (startup < 50 ppl)$10+/seat per monthReferrals
Dux-SoupAutomated LinkedIn connection toolEstablished niche$11.25–$41.25/user per month; Free optionEngagement
EightfoldATS mining for larger enterprises.Young (team <100 ppl or not established)UnknownSourcing; Internal Hiring
Entelo EnvoyTalent Relationship Management (TRM). Competing product to Beamery.Established nicheUnknownEngagement
ExcelLongstanding data entry, spreadsheet, analysis toolUbiquitous (must know about)$5–$12.50/user per month (business); $99–$149/year (personal); FreeMulti-use platform
FetcherAutomated research tool that researches additional profiles based on ones you tag.New (startup < 50 ppl)SubscriptionSourcing
Find Emails(Formerly Toofr) Contact info datasetNew (startup < 50 ppl)$19/month (up to 500); $9/month (up to 2500); $99/month (up to 10K)Dataset
FindemManaged service for outbound sourcing, they run the campaign for you. Don’t promise hires, offers, etc.New (startup < 50 ppl)$60K/yearSourcing
FindThatEmail address datasetEstablished nicheFreeDataset
Gem(Formerly ZenSourcer) Integrates with Greenhouse. Competitor to TopFunnel. Any company that can afford a sourcing team is a potential customer.Young (team <100 ppl or not established)Custom pricingEngagement
GitHubSource of record for anyone who does open source.Ubiquitous (must know about)FreeMulti-use platform
GlassdoorCompany reviews for candidates, job postings, salary research, culture marketing and branding for a company.Ubiquitous (must know about)$199–$699/monthMulti-use platform
GmeliusGmail integrationNew (startup < 50 ppl)Free; $9 per user/month; $19 per user/month; $49 per user/monthGeneral tooling
GoodTimeInterview scheduling tool.New (startup < 50 ppl)$1250–$2500/month; Custom pricingGeneral tooling
GreenhouseTop ATS platform. Competitor to Lever.Established nicheCustom pricingATS/CRM/Database
GustoHR techMature (wider market)$6–$12/seat per month (plus $39–$149 “base price”)HR Tech
HackerEarthAssessment toolEstablished niche$119–$275/month per seat; Custom pricingAssessment
HackerRankLargest company in this category in terms of customers, revenueEstablished niche$249/mo–$7188/year; Custom pricingAssessment
HandshakeUniversity recruitingNew (startup < 50 ppl)Custom pricing; Free optionUniversity Hiring
Hire by GoogleATS integrated with GSuite (retired in 2020)Mature (wider market)$2400–$12K/yearATS/CRM/Database
Hired Marketplace matching employers and candidatesMature (wider market)Custom pricingMarketplace
HiretualManaged service for outbound sourcing.New (startup < 50 ppl)$89/month; Custom pricingSourcing
HiretualJob site, sourcing, contact dataset, and engagement offeringsNew (startup < 50 ppl)$890/year (up to 200 contacts); Custom pricingSourcing; Dataset
HireVue Assessment platform and ATSEstablished nicheCustom pricingATS/CRM/Database; Assessment
HumanPredictionsML-based candidate marketplaceYoung (team <100 ppl or not established)$5K–$30K/yearSourcing
HunterEmail address datasetNew (startup < 50 ppl)$49–$399/month; FreeDataset
iCIMSHigh volume enterprise solutionMature (wider market)Custom pricingATS/CRM/Database
IndeedLarger scale, lower-skilled job site. Not typically used for tech hiringUbiquitous (must know about)10% salary of hired canddiates; Free option; Pay per clickSourcing
interviewing.ioAnonymity and feedback is the real selling point here.New (startup < 50 ppl)Per hire or subscription pricingAssessment
InterviewScheduleInterview scheduling tool.General tooling
JazzATS with lots of integration to other toolsEstablished niche$39–$309/monthATS/CRM/Database
JobJetDataset of resume, contact, social, and demographic informationNew (startup < 50 ppl)$29–$59/seat per monthDataset
JobviteLongstanding ATS companyMature (wider market)$4K–$100K/yearATS/CRM/Database
JopwellHiring URM knowledge worker candidates. Target the high end universities.Young (team <100 ppl or not established)SubscriptionSourcing
JumpstartUniversity recruitingNew (startup < 50 ppl)Custom pricingUniversity Hiring
KaggleLargely data science-specific, with competitions where recruiters can see the resultsEstablished nicheFreeAssessment
LatticeHR techNew (startup < 50 ppl)$9–$12/seat per month; Custom pricingHR Tech
LeadIQDataset of resume, contact, social, and demographic information (largely targeted at sales professionals)New (startup < 50 ppl)$60/month (up to 300 prospects); Custom pricingDataset
LeverTop ATS platform. Competitor to GreenHouse.Established nicheCustom pricingATS/CRM/Database
Lever NurtureTalent Relationship Management (TRM). Competing product to Beamery.Established nicheUnknownEngagement
LinkedInImportant and comprehensive platform for research and profiles in existence.Ubiquitous (must know about)Free option; Premium: $50–$100/month; Recruiter: $100–$1000/monthMulti-use platform
LinkedIn RecruiterThe must-have outbound channel for recruiters and hiring managers.Ubiquitous (must know about)Recruiter: $100–$1000/monthSourcing
LookerBI and visualization toolEstablished nicheCustom pricingAnalytics
LoxoAI-based ATS.New (startup < 50 ppl)$79–$99/monthATS/CRM/Database
LushaDataset of resume, contact, social, and demographic informationEstablished niche$149/month (300 credits); $75/month (120 credits); Custom pricing; Free optionDataset
MixMaxGeneral scheduling toolGeneral tooling
MonsterLarger scale job site, better for accounting, clerical, retail, etc. Not well suited to tech hiring.Ubiquitous (must know about)$249–$999/month; Free optionSourcing
NettronsSemantic automation research tool. Extracts intent from semantic analysis, pairs companies with selected candidates for “pitch” sessions.New (startup < 50 ppl)$99/month per role; Custom pricingSourcing
NewtonSimilar to ThriveTRM, a lightweight ATS, more for search than running a team.Established nicheCustom pricingATS/CRM/Database
People Data LabsDataset of resume, contact, social, and demographic informationNew (startup < 50 ppl)$0.10 per match after 1K; Custom pricing; First 1K freeDataset
PiplPeople search and contact dataEstablished niche$.02–$0.40 per matchDataset
Predictive IndexPsychometric evaluationEstablished nicheCustom pricingAssessment
PrevuePsychometric evaluationMature (wider market)Custom pricingAssessment
Py (Hired Assessments)Assessment platformYoung (team <100 ppl or not established)Custom pricingAssessment
Qualified.ioAssessment platformNew (startup < 50 ppl)Custom pricing
RadfordHR consulting firm that also provides salary and compensation dataMature (wider market)Custom pricingDataset
Recruiter FlowATS startupNew (startup < 50 ppl)$59–$129/monthATS/CRM/Database; Sourcing
RecruitifiA crowdsourcing recruiting platform that provides employers a way to source talent by letting them select and post jobs privately to up to 250 “expert” recruiters.New (startup < 50 ppl)$50/posting; 14% of first-year salarySourcing
ReflektiveHR techEstablished nicheCustom pricingHR Tech
Remote.comFor hiring remote talent.Established niche$295/posting; 10% of project cost per successful hire; Custom pricing,FreeSourcing
Resource.ioOutbound sourcing and TRMNew (startup < 50 ppl)Sourcing
RocketReachEmail and phone datasetNew (startup < 50 ppl)$79–$349/monthDataset
SearchlightFocused on back-channel reference checkingNew (startup < 50 ppl)Custom pricingReferencing
SignalHireBrowser extension for collecting email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles for candidatesNew (startup < 50 ppl)$79–$99/month; Custom pricing; FreeSourcing
SimpplerEmployee referrals productNew (startup < 50 ppl)$3–$5/seat per month; Custom pricing; Implementation feesReferrals
SkillSurveySourcing, referrals, and referencesEstablished nicheCustom pricing; SubscriptionSourcing; Referrals; Referecing
Smart RecruitersEnterprise ATS company.Established nicheCustom pricingATS/CRM/Database
Snov.ioCold outreach (email find/verify and send)New (startup < 50 ppl)$49–$139/month; Custom pricingDataset
SourceressManaged service to do outbound. The most human-heavy of outbound managed services (A/B testing content to see what works).New (startup < 50 ppl)$120-150K/yearSourcing
Sourcing.ioSearchable database of engineers with proprietary taxonomy. Also scrapes company employee graphs for referral purposes.New (startup < 50 ppl)$199/seat per monthReferrals; Internal Hiring
SuccessFactors(SAP) Full enterprise HR suite with recruiting modules.Mature (wider market)Custom pricingATS/CRM/Database
TableauData analysis and visualization toolMature (wider market)$12/seat per month (100 seats); $22.50–$67.50/seat per month; $35/seat per month (5 seats); Custom pricingAnalytics
Takehome.ioStartup working on timeboxing for takehome problems.Young (team <100 ppl or not established)Free option; $20/candidate; $20/month (unlimited)Assessment
Talent.ioEuropean-based marketplace that matches employers to candidatesYoung (team <100 ppl or not established)15% of annual salary on start date or 1% of monthly salary for 18 monthsSourcing
TalentWallProject management and visualizationNew (startup < 50 ppl)UnknownGeneral tooling
Taleo(Oracle) Full enterprise HR and recruiting suite.Mature (wider market)Custom pricingATS/CRM/Database
TeamableTool to manage and encourage in-house referrals.New (startup < 50 ppl)UnknownReferrals
Thrive TRMBuilt by recruiters (True Search) for their recruiting use case.Young (team <100 ppl or not established)Custom pricingATS/CRM/Database
TopFunnelAutomated engagement, managed sourcing service similar to Findem.New (startup < 50 ppl)Custom pricingEngagement
TripleByteLargely focused on YCombinator companies and growth-stage startup ecosystem.New (startup < 50 ppl)$7+ per hire; Tiered pricing by targetsAssessment
TwitterResearch and networkingUbiquitous (must know about)FreeMulti-use platform
UncommonAI-based inbound sourcing startupNew (startup < 50 ppl)$100–$400/seat; Custom pricingSourcing
Underdog.ioCurated recruiting marketplaceNew (startup < 50 ppl)SubscriptionSourcing; Marketplace
VetteryAI-based marketplace matching employers and candidatesNew (startup < 50 ppl)15% of the hire’s first year base salaryMarketplace
Who’s Hiring? (HackerNews monthly thread)Companies can post short descriptions here each month—Hacker News has a large and dedicated developer followingEstablished nicheFreeSourcing; Engagement
WorkableATS platformEstablished niche$99/job per month; Custom pricingATS/CRM/Database
Zip RecruiterLarge platform that’s been around for a long time.Mature (wider market)$249–$1569/monthSourcing
Zoho RecruitEnterprise software company. Easy to implement and modularize.Mature (wider market)$22.50–$67.50/seat per monthATS/CRM/Database

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