After the Term Sheet



Updated September 15, 2023
Raising Venture Capital

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Once a term sheet has been negotiated, reviewed, and signed by all parties, there are a few things you need to do before you can consider a round “closed” (for early-stage fundraising, rounds are usually rolling), and there are further consideration regarding when (and whether!) to announce a financing.


Appendix A: Networking and Mentorship31 minutes, 38 links

When starting a company and raising venture capital, it is imperative to grow and maintain a wide network of individuals who can make introductions, listen to your ideas, and help you navigate the complicated world of startups. In short, you need a network of people to guide you through the process. The following advice will help you accomplish some of the more difficult tasks ahead, and give you the tools to succeed in your startup and in fundraising.

What Is Networking?

Definition Networking is the art of building mutually beneficial relationships, usually with the goals of developing ideas and furthering one’s career. A network can be an established group of people or organizations that an individual seeks to become a part of, or it can be something an individual builds. A network might be based on similar experiences its members have in common, or their similar backgrounds; they might face the same challenges, or possess similar attitudes or affinities.

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