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Updated September 14, 2022
Stop Asking Questions

You’re reading an excerpt of Stop Asking Questions, by Andrew Warner, a veteran podcast host of 2000+ episodes. The book explains how to lead high-impact interviews and learn anything from anyone. Master the craft of interviewing with this complete digital package. Purchase now for lifetime access to the book and extensive audio and video resources.

This Holloway Edition includes additional exclusive digital content. You will get more out of this book by hearing actual conversations with the author.

  • When reading online, throughout this book you will find audio clips selected to illustrate different conversational techniques.

  • Also included is a three-part podcasting tutorial, presented in conversation with the author, plus additional resources for that course.

Details are at the end of the book.

20 Simple Techniques for Better Conversations1 link

In this first part, I’ll fire you up with quick wins. These are conversation superpowers that you can master quickly. They’ll get you past the toughest parts of your interviews, but they’ll also work in non-interview conversations like dinners, parties, and meetings.

They’re so fun and effective that they feel like party tricks. Using them is an easily mastered way of leveling up your interviews in the short term. In the next part, I’ll cover how to make interviews meaningful and interesting.

You’re reading a preview of an online book. Buy it now for lifetime access to expert knowledge, including future updates.
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