Tips for Pre-interviewing

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Tips for Pre-interviewing

  • Most people arenโ€™t familiar with pre-interviews, so explain what youโ€™re going to do and why. This is especially important if youโ€™re doing the pre-interview yourself. You donโ€™t want your guest to confuse it with the actual interview.

  • Focus on the key parts of the interview. This isnโ€™t a dry run of the interviewโ€”itโ€™s information gathering, or as I like to call it, story gathering.

  • If youโ€™re doing the pre-interview yourself, always interrupt good stories and explain that you want your guest to sound unrehearsed and fresh in the interview.

  • The output of a successful pre-interview is a list of stories your guest tells well and maybe a few that you should stay away from.

Listen: Pre-interview

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