Where to Post Job Descriptions

Along with posting job descriptions on your own site (typically in a careers or “work with us” section), you may consider posting in a number of common places that candidates look when conducting a job search.

Table: Where to Post Job Descriptions

LinkedInPay per views/post; extensive custom recruiting productsYou can post individual jobs, or pay more for LinkedIn Recruiter, which offers advanced search tools and bulk InMail options.
Glassdoor$199-$699/monthCompanies can set up a free account to build their brand (and see what employees/candidates say about them), but have to pay to list jobs.
LeverCustom pricing depending on company planIf you use Lever for your ATS, you can integrate with your site to post jobs there, along with other job sites.
AngelListFreeTypically, but not exclusively, for startup positions
A-List (from AngelList)Custom pricingCustom pricing
Career Builder$375/job; $219-$499/monthLarger scale job site, better for accounting, clerical, retail, etc. Not well suited to tech hiring. Caters to a more Midwestern audience.
IndeedFree options; pay per click; 10% of salary of hired candidatesLarger scale, lower-skilled job site. Not typically used for tech hiring.
MonsterFree options; $249-$999/monthLarger scale job site, better for accounting, clerical, retail, etc. Not well suited to tech hiring.
Zip Recruiter$249-$1,569/monthLarge platform that’s been around for a long time.
Remote.comFree options; $295/posting; 10% of project cost per hire; custom pricingFor hiring remote talent.

See Appendix B for more details about promoting jobs, which can be done more broadly via blogging, social media, at events/hackathons, and more.

important While crafting great job descriptions for platforms like these is important, most jobs aren’t advertised; an estimated 70–80% of jobs (across industries) are only available through the hidden job market—networks and social media. The pitfall of relying on the hidden job market to find candidates is that that pool is small and will typically be pretty homogenous. Posting job descriptions gives great candidates the opportunity to find you, without having to be part of your in-crowd.

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