The future of work has arrived. Now, what?

Understand how the Work From Anywhere movement is revealing new approaches to life, business, and innovation. A guide for those seeking to navigate the shifts as location independence goes mainstream in the decade ahead.

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Global Natives

The New Frontiers of Work, Travel, and Innovation

by Lauren Razavi

Coming in September 2021, Global Natives is a comprehensive guide to the Work From Anywhere movement, written to help investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders navigate the realities of distributed work and global living.

Lauren Razavi is an award-winning writer and strategist whose clients include Google, Wired, and Coursera; she is also the author of the Counterflows newsletter. In her debut book, Razavi reveals how technology has unlocked new approaches to work and innovation—and how people are already acting on them.

Global Natives charts the rise of digital nomads in the 2010s, and reveals what these early adopters signal for companies and governments preparing for the opportunities and challenges ahead. The book is also relevant to employees and freelancers seeking to explore the possibilities of a remote-first world.

Based on a decade of first-hand reporting and experience, Global Natives addresses questions such as:

  • Will the majority of remote workers soon become digital nomads?
  • How can companies attract talent and stay competitive in a remote-first world?
  • What do digital nomads mean for the future of innovation and entrepreneurship?
  • Which cities are positioned to become “the next Silicon Valley” globally?
  • How can we prevent increased global mobility from creating new forms of colonialism?

Brimming with insights, analysis, and case studies, Global Natives is a story about how we’ll live, work, and play as location independence goes mainstream in the 2020s.

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About the Author

Lauren Razavi
Lauren Razavi is a writer, strategist, and nomad who has lived in over 40 countries. A remote worker for more than a decade, with location-independent roles in the music, media, and software industries, she was previously a managing editor at Google and an innovation columnist at Inverse. Lauren’s writing, over 250 stories, has appeared in Wired, Bloomberg, The Guardian, and VICE. She curates offbeat stories about the future of work and global living in Counterflows, her weekly Substack newsletter.
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