Holloway Guide ToEquity Compensation

Make sure your equity generates wealth, not a shocking tax bill.

Stock options, RSUs, job offers, and taxes—a detailed reference, including hundreds of resources, explained from the ground up and made to be improved over time.

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This is the first thing I share when someone is thinking about their equity compensation.Ryley Reynolds(Thrive Capital)

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Holloway’s Guide to Equity Compensation is a comprehensive, authoritative resource for founders, managers, and employees. Decisions around equity compensation can be life-changing, and this Holloway Guide offers practical advice on everything from exercising stock options to tax implications to negotiating a job offer from a startup or stock corporation. I wish I’d had access to a resource like this earlier in my career.Leo Polovets(Susa Ventures)

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Joshua Levy (Holloway)
Joe Wallin (Carney Bradley Spellman)
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José Ancer (Egan Nelson LLP)
Michael Brown (Fenwick & West)
George Grellas (Grellas Shah LLP)
Zach Holman
Chris McCann (Greylock Partners)
Leo Polovets (Susa Ventures)
Eric Tyson
Rachel JepsenEditor
Andy SparksEditor
Hope HackettResearch
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Fresh out of school as an early employee at Facebook, I didn’t understand all the intricacies of equity compensation. Later on, when I was VP of Operations overseeing recruiting at Dropbox, I realized a lot of folks also didn’t understand how equity packages worked. Understanding equity compensation, whether as an employee or a founder, is seriously complicated and also critical to get right. The Holloway Guide covers what you need to know.Ruchi Sanghvi(founder, South Park Commons)